XAnge Startup Success (shared)
XAnge Startup Success (shared)

XAnge Startup Success (shared)

To support our wonderful portfolio companies founders and teams (you 💖), XAnge is developing a startup success offer including :

The content is dedicated to XAnge Family companies. Please, do not share this page outside of XAnge portcos.
Portfolio Community Events, polls, synergies within Siparex portfolios (+350 companies)

Partnership Book Negotiated discounts and specific support form AWS, Netsuite, Hubspot, Mailjet, Yousign …
Support Packages Coachings, value-added content, templates, tools to support bizdev, recruitment or finance teams.

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XAnge's Startup Success team is at your disposal to help:


Pauline / @Pauline Paquet Director of Operations 📞 06 63 74 53 84 ✉️ pauline@xange.vc


David / @David Erhun Startup Success Manager 📞 06 02 07 81 03 ✉️ david@xange.vc


Justine / @Justine J Startup Success Junior 📞 07 89 86 57 28 ✉️ justine@xange.vc

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🎁 Partnership Book



Cloud operating

Up to 10 000 € credit

Our portfolio companies deals

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📚 Support Packages

Our Office hours with Experts

Office hours are free 1to1 mentoring session with an expert from XAnge network.

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