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Deposit Solutions
The CFO Stack often found in early stage: → CRM: Hubspot, Salesforce, PipeDrive → HR: Lucca, Payfit → Optical Character Recognition: Yooz → Subscription Management: ChargeBee, Zuora → Spend management: Spendesk, Payhwawk, Airbase, Expensify → Payment Automation: Tipalti, Upflow, Stripe → CashFlow: Agicap - Bernardo Krüger @ Netsuite
From our point of view, the ideal technical finance stack (for SME/ETI) is: → ERP: Odoo or Netsuite or Sage 100 (including inventory management and invoicing outside e-commerce) → Invoicing (for e-commerce): Stripe → HR & Payroll: Payfit and Lucca → Supplier payments: Agicap → Spend Management: Spendesk → Debt collection: Agicap → Cash management (including Debt Management): Agicap → Financial Planning & Analysis: Pigment or Emasphère (if revenue > 500M€) otherwise Excel - Clément Foltzer, Head of Sales @ Agicap

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FINANCE OFFICE HOURS As part of XAnge portfolio, you can benefit from a free 1to1 coaching (45min) with Jean-Baptiste from SMASH. With strong financial experiences in VC and startups, Jean-Baptiste is Partner at SMASH Group, a part-time service in finance, HR, legal and Office Management. He can help you on :
  • Improving finance ops performances: cash management (reporting, process, optimization), investor reporting (best practices, tools, and cashflow analysis)
  • Building a Finance team or Recruiting a CFO: profiling, skills needed, jobdesc, assessment, compensation ;
  • Finance executives coaching: becoming a Finance Business Partner, dealing with your day-to-day issues …



Who? Series A CFO (30-100 employees and/or approximately €1-5M ARR)

What is co-development? Bring together a group of peers to "crack" a common problem. The sessions are led by Yaniro.

When & Where? Every 2 months (alternatively remote and in Paris)

Involvement and registration? 10 spots available/session. The cost of coaching is covered by XAnge: €250/coachee/session.

📍session calendar here


AGICAP - 20% off on first annual subscription

STRIPE - €50K transactions without fees

SPENDESK - First 2 months for free + €1200 discount

NETSUITE - 40% discount on new licence subscriptions

YOUSIGN - Up to 50% off on new subscriptions during first year.