U.S. Bridge
U.S. Bridge

U.S. Bridge

Welcome to XAnge's U.S. Bridge!

With this support program, we’ll help you succeed in the U.S. through peer talks, networking, perks, a dedicated American VC database, value-added content, and personalized coaching. We have developed all the resources you need to take your business to the next level in the U.S.A.

Did you know? More than 25 XAnge startups are active in the U.S. market or planning to be in 2023!

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1. Assessing The Opportunity

The first step in an international expansion involves evaluating the opportunity, and deciding if it’s the right time to make a move.

U.S. Readiness Assessment

This interactive self-assessment developed by XAnge aims to help founders and expansion managers evaluate the maturity of their company with respect to the American market. Upon completing the questionnaire, you will immediately receive your U.S. Readiness Report. Inside, you will find detailed personalized recommendations for you and your company, as well as our complete U.S. Expansion Playbook full of helpful resources, practical tips, and useful tools to help you accelerate your journey West.

Step 1: Take the questionnaire
Step 1: Take the questionnaire
Step 2: Download your report
Step 2: Download your report
Step 3: Analyse your situation
Step 3: Analyse your situation

Unsure of what to expect in the U.S.? Here are some must-read resources:

📖The 10 Commandments of U.S. Expansion

☎️ Contact Us to book an hour with Nicolas Rose our French-American Managing Partner

Sean Haskins, ex-Expansion Manager at Welcome to the Jungle
Sean Haskins, ex-Expansion Manager at Welcome to the Jungle
For more about assessing the market… Click Here!

2. Take off

Once you’ve decided you’re going, it’s time to drill down on your product market fit, research your competitors, and get to grips with the legal and administrative requirements of running a business in the U.S.

Want to get a head start on your go-to-market strategy? Here are some great resources:

🎒Workshop: Finding & scoring your US product market fit

☎️ Book a consultation with one of our U.S. experts

PROVIDERS & TOOLS: Looking for an incorporation lawyer, visa specialized providers? Extra help for market discovery or go-to-market strategy? Find it here.

Exporting a Startup to the U.S. | Advice from Three MedTech Founders

🎙️ Exporting a MedTech to the United States🎙️ Exporting a MedTech to the United States

🎙️Exporter une MedTech aux États-Unis🎙️Exporter une MedTech aux États-Unis

For more about taking off… Click Here!

3. Landing

As you arrive in the United States you’ll need to establish a foundation in the country. This means hiring local staff, and getting to grips with very different legal, tax, and HR practices and obligations than you are used to in your home country. Whether it be the notion of ‘at-will’ employment, compensation, or job titles, you will need to get up to speed, fast.

Having a hard time understanding local laws and employment contracts? Want to accelerate your local marketing strategy? Here are some places to start:

📖U.S. HR Legal & Tax Basics

☎️ Office hours on US B2B Sales, Marketing

PROVIDERS & TOOLS: Looking for a bank, CPA, PEO, marketing or sales help? Find it here.
Fabrice Henrion, General Manager U.S. at Odoo
Fabrice Henrion, General Manager U.S. at Odoo

U.S. Hiring Practices from AB Tasty’s ex. Global People Operations Director

🎙️Hiring in the US - How to do it right🎙️Hiring in the US - How to do it right

For more about landing… Click Here!

4. Ramping Up

Once you have the fundamentals down (HR, legal, and your first clients) it’s time to grow. This means expanding your team, building your sales machine, honing in on your go-to-market strategy, and even raising new funds from U.S. investors. At some point, you might also consider reworking your organisational design to take into account your growth in the United States.

Growing quickly and thinking about your next fundraising round? Looking to optimise your global team? Here are some great resources to get you started:

📖International Organization Management Study

✏️ Tools | US VC Database

PROVIDERS & TOOLS: Looking for headhunters to help scale your team? Find them here.
Nicolas Rose, XAnge
Nicolas Rose, XAnge
For more about ramping up… Click here!

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