US Marketing Strategy: 8 rules you should follow

US Marketing Strategy: 8 rules you should follow

Webinar around Marketing Strategy in the US with Lucie Broto (CMO Withings), Marion Janic (Rooney Partners), Matt Rauscher (Nituno) and Nicolas Rose.
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February 9, 2022

Here is the replay (in 🇫🇷) :

1️⃣ Prepare yourself for the “Big League”

USA is 6 times bigger than France. The market is ultra-competitive. To avoid being left behind, you must play by the same rules.

What you must do?

Dare to position yourself as the leader in your market: provide figures and mention American clients as key references.

“If you don't claim yourself to be number one, someone less successful than you will do it instead.” - Lucie Broto, ex-CMO of Withings

A US Marketing Starter kit must include:
A SEO friendly website.
A Sales deck/press kit of about 10 pages MAX.
A short video to explain the story of your product.
Some case studies with American references.
Read about how Dolead (XAnge family) prepared its marketing stack for US expansion here:
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2️⃣ Test U.S. marketing channels and methods

Are you used to doing subway marketing campaigns or TV spots in France? In the US, don't even think about it! It would be too expensive. Even a simple digital marketing campaign is 4 times more expensive in the US than in France.

What you must do?

Test your marketing messaging through paid social media campaigns.
Adapt your US storytelling by getting in touch with a PR agency.
Improve your SEO with a backlinking strategy.
For B2C businesses: partner with big local players to enter the market quickly.
Reach out to Influencers and Key Opinition Leaders in your industry to get people talking about your solution.
"What works in France, won't work in the United States, but what works in the United States will work in France.” - Matt Rauscher, founder of Nituno

In our interview of Fabrice, General Manager US @ Odoo (XAnge Family), he declared that US marketing costed approximatly x5 more than in Europe.

Read Fabrice’s full interview here:
Interview: Best practices & fails when opening US

3️⃣ Do not JUST translate content into English

Translating your website content from your language into English will not convey your message with accuracy.

What you must do?

Create your site in English from the start to avoid counter-productive and approximate translations. You must think your content like a native speaker would and therefore adapt how you present your product. It’s really important to get it proofread by a US native to make sure what you want to say and what you’re saying are the same.

Be US-first in your content creation, both internally (knowledge management in English) and externally (social media communication in English).

“Your head of content must be based in the US.” - Marion Janic, Partner at RooneyPartners

4️⃣ Cut to the chase and be straight forward

In France, we tend to lengthen our speeches and give a maximum of details to prove the quality of a product. That’s not the case in the US.

"Apple has the most complex products. Yet their Marketing is perfectly simple. It makes the buying experience simple.” - Matt Rauscher

What you must do?

Be clear and concise in your messages. Don’t try too hard with long technical explanations. Force yourself to explain in simple words, complex ideas.

5️⃣ Work on your Buyer Persona

Don't try to target the widest possible audience. An overly generalized message can dilute your value proposition and will have a counterproductive effect.

How to find the perfect persona?

Define one problem
Define one value proposition
Define one budget
Test your message on a limited period of time
"What allowed us to grow was targeting a specific audience. These early-adopters allowed us to test the U.S. market.” - Lucie Broto

6️⃣ Change your mind on trade shows

In France, trade shows are not considered as lucrative business event to attend. It’s the complete opposite in the US: trade shows are mandatory for newcommers trying to expand in the US Market.

"The best way to create authority is to go to trade shows. You get all the potential customers there over three days.” - Matt Rauscher

What you must do? Trade shows are a unique opportunity to meet your clients. It's a great chance to test your message and value proposition. List the key annual trade shows in hyour industry and don’t miss them!

"During the COVID period, we had to put extra effort into digital marketing to achieve the result we would have achieved in 2 days of trade shows” Thomas Habib, COO @ Implicity (XAnge family)

7️⃣ Don’t waist time on press conferences

Only large corporations like Apple can justify making such releases.

What you must do?

Prioritize personalized 1to1 meetings with journalists.

“Most journalists consider press releases as spam.” - Marion Janic

8️⃣ Public speaking, you won't neglect

What you must do?

Practice as much as you can:

Take media training courses.
Repeat and polish your speechs.
Choose a charismatic person in your team to take on the role of the spokesperson. Keep in mind that there should be only one so choose wisely!

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