Customer Success

Customer Success

Mix of FTE:
% ARR Spent / Team:


Specific Team Ratios
Team Departments
Sales & Marketing

Typical Team’s Ratios for a Series B Company (5-10M€ ARR)

% FTE: 11-17%
% Revenue Spent / Team: 8%

Typical Team’s Org for a Series B Company

Usual Report to: CRO/CBO

Key Org Change to Notice:

At Series B stage, the growing number of customers usually creates a huge NPS drop. As the product become more complex, customers need to be more supported in their product journey and the customer voice need to be heard for next product improvements. The result are the following changes:

  • A customer success leader appears
  • Customer success team is more specialized (by account size and by customer journey steps)

VP, CSM (19)

  • CSM Enterprise (6)
  • CSM SMB & MM (5)
  • Director, Implementation / Solutions, plus 2 solutions or sales engineers (3)
  • Director, Customer Support, plus 3 CS reps (4)


Typical Team’s Contribution to Company KPIs

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