Digest: Compensation Policy Workshop (Old)

Digest: Compensation Policy Workshop (Old)

Meeting Date
October 14, 2021
Event Type
🇫🇷 / 🇺🇸

Key points of the workshop:

  • How to build a good compensation policy?
  • What are the tools you can use? What are the benefits of a salary grid?
  • Key examples from startups like Alan, Shine, Payfit...

If you missed it, here are the slides 👇

Compensation Policy (XAnge Workshop).pdf1459.2KB

Workshop Resources

During the workshop, we used a Worksheet to help participants write a first draft of their compensation policy. You will also find a Salary Grid template to start designing your own!

Figures × Shine : Créer sa première grille de salaire

Whereby’s Compensation policy method:

💱Compensation Philosophy

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