Chief of Staff | Case Study @ Assoconnect

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Chief of Staff
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Cas Pratiques | Case Studies
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Original use case:


You are about to make an oral presentation about AssoConnect in front of a potential investor. You need to pick his interest. Preparation time: 50min


  • Powerpoint presentation in English
  • 4 slides : Market, Competition, Problem we are trying to solve, Solution (AssoConnect)
  • 10 minutes oral presentation in French
  • 10 minutes Q&A

Note : if you’d like to draw something instead of using a slide, you can use a paperboard or sheet of paper.

What you will be judged on

  • Clarity
  • Of your speech
  • Of the PPT - try including diagrams
  • Ability to summarize

We expect a nice looking PPT, but it’s not a design interview ;)


To prepare the presentation, you can use the following materials :