The Re-org template

Phase 1: Diagnostic and high-level recommendations

Diagnostic of Current Situation

  • 👨🏻‍🎓 Please describe your current function within the organization (in which way you contribute to the business proposition of the organization)
  • ✅ In your opinion, what is working in today’s organization?
  • ⛔️ In your opinion, what is not working in today’s organization?
  • ⚖️ From your perspective, what are the pros & cons of the proposed vision?

General ideas about the future?

  • 💸 Businesswise, where do you see your company in 3 years time?
  • ♻️ Until then, what has changed within the organization for this business goal to be reachable?

Phase 2: Detailed Organization Recommendations

Please fill in as many rows as functions you identify, and then place them in an org chart to be pasted in the next section of this document.

Behaviors / what does he/she actually does
Core Skills to be successful
KPIs to measure success
Reporting to (plain and doted lines if applicable)
Main relationships / interdependancies

2. Org Chart

👉🏻 Please paste here how your recommended org chart looks like. Please design it in the tool that is most suitable for you (PowerPoint, Google Slides, Word, etc…) and paste it here.

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

3. Risks & Recommendations

👉🏻 Please list here your concerns so we can take them on board in the design

Risks identified (in the org chart and design you suggest):

Suggestions to mitigate those risks: