Digest: Energy Sobriety Plan

Digest: Energy Sobriety Plan

Meeting Date
November 29, 2022
Event Type
XAnge Talks
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This workshop is the result of a first work :

Energy Sobriety Plan Calculator.

We crowd sourced +20 actions and calculated the reduction impact per year:

  • in ⚡️ Kwatt
  • in 🌱 Carbon
  • in 💶 Euros

Easy to use, you just have to fill in your company information (employees, surface..) and you get the quantified impact of 20 ecological actions.

Some examples of integrated actions:

👉 Turn off your camera during video conferences.

👉 Electrify the current fleet of vehicles.

👉 Add X days of telecommuting.

👉 Turn off the company internet connection when away and at night.

👉 Install solar modules on buildings to generate energy.

👉 Replace X% of business travel with video conferencing.

Let's go 💪