Talent Acquisition


If you feel you’re a bit stretch at hiring a full-time employee with your current needs, there’s additional missions you can add to the role:

  • Tooling & structuring: We already talked about tooling. Implementing an ATS is a big project and a time-consuming one at first. It’s also never ending as you always want to challenge the way you do things, and add more and more functionalities along the way. It goes the same with structuring: what kind of interview you want to do, who will be the interviewers and how to train them to be efficient… the more structure upstream, the easier it gets to find the right talents.
  • Campus Management: if you’re hiring interns or consider it, it’s nice to have someone in charge, who’s going to relay your offers in the schools you’re aiming for, create strategic partnerships and generate a specific pipeline and process.
  • Employer branding: it’s not only about finding the right candidates, Talent Acquisition is also about advertising how awesome your organisation is internally. Employer branding is reaching out to passive candidates that are looking for a specific culture — you really want to work on that if you want to scale properly.
  • Onboarding: after the offer is accepted, you want the candidate to have an awesome onboarding experience, and start the honeymoon period since day one. I usually put onboarding on the People Development side, but it can be on the TA side as well, it really depends on how much time your recruiter(s) have on their hand.