Outsourced SDR in US

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What if you could have a dedicated sales team — the expert runners — that knows the US market and has experience working with European companies? That’s why you should consider outsourcing your sales team and hiring a managed service company based in the US to generate leads for you.

Establishing an office abroad is like starting a company from scratch — you will burn a lot of cash at the beginning. European companies many times underestimate how much funding they need to enter the US market. Even if you have a budget of $100,000, it wouldn’t be enough for renting an office and hiring a sales person for the first year. Salaries in the US are higher than in Europe.

We have also worked with Operatix https://www.operatix.net/

n addition to the ones mentioned, I know of Alleyoop, Demand Inc, JumpCrew, and Sapper Consulting.