Sequoia’s Playbook for a good deck

Pitching & Pitch Deck
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⭐️ 1. Company Purpose

What is your mission? Find a simple & powerful sentence. Don’t list your features just yet, put your bigger purpose forward.

🎯 2. Problem

What challenges do you solve?

  • Describe your customer pain point
  • Explain how it is currently addressed
  • Why current offerings are falling short?

💊 3. Solution

  • Why is your value proposition unique?
  • How fast can you break in?
  • How big can this market grow?

⏰ 4. Why Now

  • Why hasn't your solution been built before?
  • What industry / consumer trends make this the perfect time to act?

📏 5. Market Size

How big is the opportunity?

  • Total addressable market (TAM) = total market demand
  • Serviceable available market (SAM) = portion of TAM served by the company
  • Serviceable obtainable market (SOM) = percentage of SAM which is realistically achieved

🤺 6. Competition

  • Who are your direct & indirect competitors?
  • How are you going to win? (product, features, business model, pricing, GTM, brand)

Map your competitors on a x/y axis

📲 7. Product

  • Run a product demo, a good video is worth 1000 words

🗺 8. Business Model

  • How do you make / plan on making money?

Include metrics around critical areas including:

  • Customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • Life time value (LTV)

👯 9. Team

People are incremental to a startup success or failure.

Highlight your core team & special talents building this venture with you.

💰 10. Financials

Explain how much you want to raise and for what use.

  • What are the key milestones?
  • Use a timeline to help demonstrate your runway.

That’s all folks!

Hopefully this will help you fund your next rocket ship