Light written reporting template

Light written reporting template

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Share any significant updates or key priorities that should be highlighted in the reporting.


  • Major Milestones (fundraising, achievement of ARR target…)
  • Product breakthrough (launch of V1 of the platform…)
  • Noteworthy Events (opening of new offices…)


Share your most important KPIs (for your business); usually, they include:

  • MRR: €Xk — Indicate Growth in % MoM. Include the New MRR of the month/period.
  • Customers: X paying customers — you can split if you have different products or different segments like B2C/B2B, for example. If relevant, you can also associate the MRR split of each segment.
  • Team size: X — indicate the Growth in +X FTEs
  • Cash position: €XXXk or Runway in months
  • Burn rate: €XXk per month

[Add any other KPI relevant to your business like Downloads, GMV…]

Good News

Share the latest big news/achievements that happened since the last update or Board. Don’t try to be exhaustive but share the highlights.


  • Fundraising: Secured a term sheet with [Investor Name].
  • Sales/Business: Closed a significant contract with [Client Name].
  • Product: Successfully launched our app, resulting in a noteworthy NPS improvement.
  • HR: Welcomed our new CTO, [CTO Name + background], adding a key player to our leadership.

[Add any other successes as relevant]


Share the topics where you are currently struggling to achieve objectives/budget or are behind schedule.


  • Sales/Business: Lost one of our major accounts.
  • HR: Did not meet our hiring plan target this quarter.

[Add any other challenges as relevant]

Asks or Needs

Share any specific assistance required from your investors, such as introductions, collaborative work sessions, or validation.


  • Fundraising: Here’s the list of investors [insert link] we would like intros to.
  • HR: We are looking to sublet our offices; do you know companies that might be interested?

[Include any other specific requests or needs]


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In this First Round Review article The Founder’s Guide to Discipline: Lessons from Front’s Mathilde Collin, you get an example reporting email Mathilde Collin’s sends to her investors:

TO: Investors SUBJECT: Monthly update

Another one of Collin’s favorite tricks for bringing discipline to her communication is the update email she sends to Front’s investors. “I sent the same note every month for years, and only changed to quarterly after our Series B,” she says.

Collin’s faith in the power of demonstrating your focus to investors has only increased now that she’s on the other side of the table.

“Since I’ve started angel investing, I feel even more strongly about this practice. After a founder sends me two or three update emails, I can immediately get a sense for whether or not that company will succeed,” she says. “Some send an email and then you don’t hear from them again for four months. Others use different formats or metrics every time. Or they say that revenue is the top priority in one meeting and then say they’re focusing on engagement and redesigning the app in the next. That’s not an update, that’s an excuse. If revenue isn’t where it needs to be, admit that you have an issue to your investors, your team, and above all yourself so you can start getting back on track,” she says.

SENT FOLDER: Below you'll find an example of what Collin’s note to investors looks like in practice.


Visible, examples from other VCs

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