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min. 70%

Full Speed Quota per Month. Simply put, if a sales team has reached its goal, it has attained quota. If your sales team has a 50% quota attainment rate, then half of your sales reps have achieved their set quotas.
QuotaAttainment=TotalSalesBudget÷TotalSalesActualQuota Attainment = Total Sales Budget ÷ Total Sales Actual
Quota Capacity” (QC) refers to the total team quota. For example, if you have 10 AEs with quotas of $500k each, the team’s quota capacity will be $5 million. If you are forecasting $5 million in new ARR for next year, but have only 2 AEs ramped ($1M of quota capacity), you are very unlikely to hit your goal. Hence the value of the QC concept. The average team attains about 70% of their QC, so some over-capacity is needed to hit your goal. In planning, make sure you also allow enough time for new AEs to ramp. - From Simple Math to Set Up a Sales Team by David Sacks

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