Reynald Bourdeaux
Reynald Bourdeaux

Reynald Bourdeaux

Adding Date
Mar 11, 2021 12:46 PM
Talent Type
Experience + 10 years
Looking for

Chief Marketing Officer / Communication

Key References / reco

HireFirst, SThree, Progressive Recruitment

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Profile summary: Looking for a position in a scale-up of all types of maturity in FinTech, GreenTech, HRTech, MedTech, or FoodTech as Chief Marketing Officer/Communication.

  • Co-founder & CMO @HireFirst and 14 years of experience as Marketing Manager
  • Strong creativity, autonomy, self-sufficiency, business-driven and marketing automation leads skills.

What level of seniority are you looking for ?

C-Level (COO, CTO...)

In which domain ?

Marketing / Communication

In which sector(s) ? Please be specific.

FinTech, GreenTech, HRTech, Medtech, scale up, foodtech, ...

How many years of experience do you have?

+10 years

Do you have experience in team management ?

Team of 10 - 30

SoftSkills / Can you give us 3 to 5 skills that would describe you the best?

Autonomous, passionate, decision maker, positive energy, based on facts

HardSkills/ What are you really good at ? What could you bring to a fast growing company ?

Expert in Digital Marketing strategy with over 16 years of international experience. Passionate about Digital and Tech, I am results oriented, I define and implement innovative marketing strategies to support the growth ambitions of the company by developing their awareness and automating lead generation. Creative and with strong technical skills, I organize impactful marketing and communication campaigns. Resolutely human and advocating the collective, I manage projects and coordinate the different teams efficiently.

What is your actual wage package ?

105 000€

How much do you get as a bonus / year ?

20 000€

What is your stock options value ?