François Roblin
François Roblin

François Roblin

Adding Date
Apr 20, 2021 9:20 AM
Talent Type
Experience + 20 years
Looking for

CPO position

Key References / reco

Handicare Group, ABB, Faurecia Seating, Schneider, Valeo

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Profile Summary: Looking for a position in a Series B or C+ startups in MedTech, automotive, electrical engineering, packaging as CPO.

  • 27 years of experience as VP Product @Handicare Group, VP Direct Materials @ABB, Business Group Steel Commodity Director @Faurecia and Division Buyer @Valeo
  • Results orientation, Mental agility, Team player and analytical skills

What level of seniority are you looking for ?

C-Level (COO, CTO...)

In which domain ?


In which geographies ?

Any coutnry

In which sector(s) ?

MedTech, automotive, electrical engineering, packaging

How many years of experience do you have?

+20 years

Do you have experience in team management ?

Team of +50

SoftSkills / Can you give us 3 to 5 skills that would describe you the best?

Results orientation

Mental agility

Team player


Creative thinking

HardSkills / What are you really good at ? What could you bring to a fast growing company ?

Technical direct material procurement, components or raw materials (such as steel or plastic resins)

Working capital optimisation (payment terms, MOQs, Supply Chain redesign)

M&A activities experience (Operational DD, Industrial PMI programmes design and implementation, Carve-out)

Product portfolio rationalisation (margin analysis, cost improvement potential, analysis by segment/regions)

Medical devices product development under ISO 14385 – FDA approval for Class I and Class II medical devices

Product cost down projects (mix of Value Analysis, components renegotiation and resourcing, and partial outsourcing)

Complete workshop outsourcing projects to best-cost countries

Supplier Development organisation implementation (supplier approval process, supplier QSE auditing)