Damien Theis
Damien Theis

Damien Theis

Adding Date
Apr 1, 2021 12:51 PM
Talent Type
Head Of / VP
Experience btw 5 & 10 years
Looking for

Head of Operations

Key References / reco

Mubble (founder), Olivier Wyman

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Profile Summary: Looking for a position in a scale-up from Series A to Series B in B2B SaaS / Cloud services, Data / BI, AI, HRTech, FinTech, or InsurTech as Head of Operations.

  • 7 years of experience as Senior Consultant, Associate & Engagement Manager with a focus on strategy and operations @Olivier Wyman. Founder & CEO @Mubble, a marketplace dedicated to second-hand furniture.
  • Go-getting, Entrepreneur-minded, People-empowerer and Strong analytical skills.

What level of seniority are you looking for ?

Head of

In which geographies ?


In which sector(s) ? Please be specific.

B2B SaaS / Cloud services, the range of sectors can be wide : Data / BI, AI, HRTech, FinTech, InsurTech...

How many years of experience do you have?

5 - 10 years

Do you have experience in team management ?

Team of 2 - 10

SoftSkills / Can you give us 3 to 5 skills that would describe you the best?

Go-getting, Entrepreneur-minded, Demanding, Rigorous, People-empowerer

HardSkills / What are you really good at ? What could you bring to a fast growing company ?

Strategy building, Operations improvement, Teams boarding & management, Strong analytical skills, Tech-savviness

What is your actual wage package ?

140 000€

How much do you get as a bonus / year ?

30 000€

What is your stock options value ?


Do you want to share anything else with us or our startups?

I am aware I won't be able to get such a high package in a start-up / scale-up as in Strategy Consulting, which is fine