Antoine Heftler
Antoine Heftler

Antoine Heftler

Adding Date
Mar 18, 2021 2:25 PM
Talent Type
Head Of / VP
Experience + 20 years
Looking for
CMO / Architect in B2B Lead Generation
Key References / reco
Rubini&Associés, Ogilvi, Tieto, Leadnostic
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Profile summary: Looking for a position in a scale-up of all kinds of maturity as Chief Marketing Officer or Architect in B2B Lead Generation.

  • 20 years of experience in building & optimizing marketing channels, teams & processes. 10 years @Ogilvy Group, start-up founder, headed digital channels and now advising companies to build and optimize their lead-to-customer conversion.
  • Worked in Asia (5 years in India), South Europe (5 years in France, UK, Romania) and Scandinavia (8 years in Sweden, Finland, Norway).