Jade Le Maitre
Jade Le Maitre

Jade Le Maitre

Adding Date
May 7, 2021 11:52 AM
Talent Type
Experience btw 5 & 10 years
Looking for
Director of Technology & Innovation in the area of robotics
Key References / reco
European Commission, Lyon IS AI, CGI, Hease (co-founder)
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Profile Summary: Looking for a position in a startup of all stages of maturity in the robotics area as Director of Technology & Innovation.

  • 9 years of experience as Project Manager @Innoecho, National Coordinator @euRobotics, co-founder @Hease, Emerging Technologies Leader @CGI.
  • Resilient, Proactive, Pragmatic and Enthusiastic.

What level of seniority are you looking for ?

C-Level (COO, CTO...)

In which domain ?



In which geographies ?

France / Europe / Canada / Nordics

In which sector(s) ?

Non sector-specific (I just do not want to work in the defense industry or blockchain).

How many years of experience do you have?

5 - 10 years

Do you have experience in team management ?

Team of 30 - 50

SoftSkills / Can you give us 3 to 5 skills that would describe you the best?

Resilient, Proactive, Pragmatic, Fighter, Enthusiastic

HardSkills / What are you really good at ? What could you bring to a fast growing company ?

I am a problem solver. I take pride in allowing teams to perform better.

What is your current wage package ?

77 000€

How much do you get as a bonus / year ?


What is your stock options value ?