Adrien Darnaud
Adrien Darnaud

Adrien Darnaud

Adding Date
Mar 23, 2021 1:11 PM
Talent Type
Experience btw 5 & 10 years
Looking for

Country Manager

Key References / reco

Wheely, jobandtalent, Capgemini, Deloitte

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Profile Summary: Looking for a position in a Seed stage start-up in FinTech, Mobility, HRTech as Country Manager.

  • 6 years of experience as Head of Operations, Operations Manager and Senior Consultant @Capgemini @Jobandtalent @Wheely
  • Collaborative, Motivating Teams and Operational skills.

What level of seniority are you looking for ?

Country Manager

In which geographies ?


In which sector(s) ? Please be specific.

FinTech, Mobility, HRTech

Do you have experience in team management ?

Team of 10 - 30

SoftSkills / Can you give us 3 to 5 skills that would describe you the best?

A strong believer in the 80/20 rule

Ensuring all roadblocks are lifted for the team before beginning my work. A high-performing team is a lot stronger than a high-performing individual. This allows me to focus on operational improvement and high-value analysis and execution.

Motivating teams by ensuring that they are learning on the job and that I am there to help them develop

HardSkills / What are you really good at ? What could you bring to a fast growing company ?

Getting things done immediately - in my professional life and in my personal life.

Set up new tools and processes whilst simplifying existing ones. There's a lot of processes needed in a fast-growing company, the difficult thing is making them simple so that they can easily be articulated and adopted by the company.

I am not afraid of databases, whether it is creating exec level briefings by building models to predict growth in new markets or improving anti-fraud algorithms on an app by learning from historic data.

What is your actual wage package ?

95 000€

How much do you get as a bonus / year ?

15 000€

What is your stock options value ?

10 000€