JobDesc Template

72% of hiring managers say they provide clear job descriptions, while only 36% of candidates say the same (source).

Template Job Desc

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION For french job desc, think of using female and male genders (ex: un(e)). For english job desc, use tools such as http://gender-decoder.katmatfield.com/ (open source), https://textio.com/ (paying), https://alexjs.com/

Work @ [XXXXX]

  • [Company Activity Description] - Don't be too long, candidates will be able to get more information about your company business on your company page or on Linkedin (make sure these are set up). Emphasis on how your company is positively impacting society.
  • [Company Value & Culture] - What are your company mantras ? How does it look like to work at your company?
  • [Company Bullet Proof] - Reassure candidates by naming your clients, key metrics you are proud of or investors backing it.

The [XXXX] team and why we need you

More specifically, the candidate needs to understand the team they will join. Explain who is currently in this team, how organized the department is. Who will be their colleagues and according responsibilities…

Why we need you in this team?

One sentence to explain why you’re hiring this role within this team. What is the main challenge?

Your goals as [Role]

Think this section as a funnel. Make the candidate understand how the role is positioned within the overall mission of the company. They must understand how the role contributes to growth.

As a [ROLE], your mission will be [General mission Statement within the company].

As part of [TEAM], you will [detail role's missions within the specific team.]

You will directly report to [PERSON, Role] and work with [list teams].

Then, list the key tasks and achievements adopting performance-based descriptions as recommended by Lever : What is the candidate expected to own, teach, learn and improve once they're on the job? What should a candidate accomplish by when? How will the candidate's career progress throughout the year?
  1. Achievement description - Key KPIs (example : You will manage and develop 2 teams: the key accounts team (+10 sales) and the SME team, to be built. Accompanied by our HR, you will recruit, train and raise the skills of current and future team members.)
  2. Achievement description - Key KPIs
  3. Achievement description - Key KPIs

Who We're Looking For

Sourcing easiness and diversity / inclusion : Remove arbitrary requirements: pedigree, years of experience, skills that can be learned on the job.
  • Prefered experience:


  • Hard skills :
    • Languages
    • Sectorial knowledge / network
    • Tools
    • ...
  • Soft skills:
    • Relationship skill
    • Team work
    • Communication,
    • Mindset,
    • Project management ...

Recruitment process

Precise recruitment process to make sure candidates are aware of your process duration. It will also help you to discourage candidates from applying to your offer without real willingness to join your company.
A normal process should contains 3 steps (depending of the job position) with one step for a case study.
  • Step 1 : duration - format - people met - purpose (example : A 60 min video-call with one of our Talent Acquisition Managers to better understand your career plan and answer any of your questions).
  • Step 2 : duration - format - people met - purpose (example : A 60 min meeting with your future manager  to create a strong alignment on what they’ll expect from you, and tell you more about their way to operate)
  • Step 3 : duration - format - people met - purpose (example : A fully remote exercise to evaluate your hard skills and understand how you see the world)

On average our process lasts [XX Days] and offers usually follow within [XX].

Best practices

Be narrowly defined and differentiated (as opposed to universal).
Give people a clear idea of what it would be like to work at your company, in that role.
Highlight interesting projects & visible impact - inspire and get the right people excited!
Paint a picture of what the role entails and what success will look like.
Adopt a casual/friendly tone. Don't be afraid to sound like a human!
A/B Test your job offer.
A ask yourself the following questions :
Click here to see question list


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