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What is the remuneration of a growth hacker in Paris?


Growth hacker is a very trendy position. But there are very few candidates.

No academic background exist. Growth hackers come from anywhere. They can be autodidact or they can have a strong academic background.

We have met a lot of them in the past month. Sure, it was very interesting.

Growth hackers have a hard time knowing how much they are worth. And start-ups don’t precisely know what their remuneration should be.

“Time to clear things up”

Design of the remuneration system

Salary is divided into two parts: 

Fixed remuneration

The total remuneration is the addition of three components:

#1 Basic

#2 Experience

#3 Expertise components

with an input for #4 Academic Background (sorry, we are in France).

#1 Basic component is linked to the hard skills of the growth hacker.

Hard skills rely on the profesionel background of the growth hacker :

• Marketing background : 30.000€ per year (« brut »)• Tech background (developer) : 35.000€ per year (« brut »)

#2 Experience component is linked to the years of profesional experience of the growth hacker.

We multiply the salary linked to the Basic Component by an Experience level:

• 0 to 2 years of experience : 1• 2 to 4 years : 1,1• 4 to 6 years : 1,2• More then 6 years : 1,3

Caution : those years of experience are based on growth hacking-related experience. For example, 4 years of experience in traffic management, and a reconversion in growth hacking induces a minoration of the coefficient.

That’s why we add up an expertise component.

#3 Expertise component is linked to the growth hacker’s hacking history 😊

We multiply the salary linked to the Basic and Experience Components by an Expertise level:

• No relevant growth hacking experience (digital marketing, traffic manager…) : 1• Growth hacker as a startup founder : 1,1• Experienced growth hacker / Growth hacking in various startups : 1,2

#4 Academic background

Yes, we are in France. Hiring a growth hacker from a top engineering school (it happens !) leads to an additional cost, based on the comparable. Feel free to add up the good coef.

• Autodidact : 1• DUT informatique (Diplôme universitaire de technologie Informatique à l’IUT Paris Descartes) or BTS (BTS informatique) : 1,05• Bac+5 : 1,1

Variable remuneration

It is linked to the performance of the growth hacker, ie. based on the AARRR frameword and its main KPIs.

Up to you to define your priorities and to modelize the variable remuneration inputs !


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