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Acme has over 150 customer for its Talent Management cloud app. We have heard that one of our smaller competitor has very strong / feature-rich AI-based “Talent Effectiveness Assessment ” use case.

Our sales team and other members of the XFN team have asked product team to look into it? What shall we do?

Follow up questions

  • Should we be listening to sales team, customers, competitors, engineers — all of the above?
  • How do we go about validating and identifying low-hanging fruits?
  • Identify business drivers: Market Size, Lost Opportunity, Revenue Impact and Growth Rate. How repeatable is the usecase?
  • Customer Research -> Roleplay and see if the candidate asks open ended question.

Follow up — I hate me-too products. Will this be a me-too strategy or do you think that these are tables stakes in the market we are in and to protect our market-share, we have to react? Thoughts?

What is MDP (Minimum Delightable Product)? (Cover Feasibility, Desirability and Viability)