Head of Sales | Must have interview questions

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Commercial | Sales
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Entretien | Interview
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Interview Questions

ThemeQuestionQuestion (EN)
Comportement & personnalité

- How do you put yourself in a prospect's shoes? - In your opinion, how should we address our targets?

Financial Planning & Analysis

- How do you analyze sales performance today? - What follow-up? What KPIs?

Past experienceManagement d'équipe

Have you ever led a sales team?

Management d'équipe

How do you make decisions about compensation?

Management d'équipe

Where do you find great sales talent?

Outils & Process

Have you ever devised a business strategy? Can you describe your sales strategy and why you set it up the way you did? What type of customers? Which segments? Which sales channel(s)?

Outils & Process

What monitoring has been put in place to drive the team's performance?

Outils & Process

Which tool is used to optimize the conversion?

Vision stratégique

Explain the evolution of the product of your current/previous company. Give me an example of a landmark decision that was made in the product strategy and your opinion of that decision

Talent Acquisition

What criteria do you use to evaluate sales skills?

Lead Gen

How did you generate leads?

Sales Pitch

Do the commercial pitch form your previous / current company

Sales Pitch

Describe your product. What are the benefits? Who are your customers?

Past experienceSales Performance

What turnover have you achieved during the different sales experiences?

Past experienceSales Performance

What was your re-purchase rate with your customers?

Past experienceSales Performance

What was your sales quota?