Interview Questions

ThemeQuestion (EN)Question
Comportement & personnalité
Have you ever participated in a marketing campaign that failed? If so, what went wrong and what did you do differently next time?
Comportement & personnalitéCompétences techniques
The CEO asks your team to create a booth and promotional materials in order to participate in an important conference. How would you prioritize the work if the conference was in one week?
Motivation du candidat
What brands inspire you?
Compétences techniques
How do you find out about new marketing tools and techniques?
Compétences techniques
What marketing softwares (e.g. CRM) do you use?
Compétences techniques
Would you cross social media off the marketing mix if you discovered that it didn’t bring you new customers?
Business orientedManagement d'équipe
How do you evaluate your team’s performance?
Vision stratégique
Explain the evolution of the product of your current/previous company. Give me an example of a landmark decision that was made in the product strategy and your opinion of that decision
Connaissance de l'entreprise
Which companies do you think are our biggest competitors? Why?
Connaissance de l'entrepriseCompétences techniques
Who is our audience and what would you do to increase our customer base?
Objectives & Key Results
What have been your results on the campaigns currently in place?
Objectives & Key Results
What email tracking metrics would you use to measure the success of your newsletter?
Business Culture & Monitoring
What kind of training and educational resources would you recommend to an entry-level marketer?
Give me an example of a Google AdWord campaign you worked on. What did you try to improve and what were the results?
For what kinds of products/events would you choose to market exclusively via mobile marketing campaigns?
How would you determine who to invite to a product launch and how would you invite them?
What are the most effective SEO practices to optimize online content?