UX audit from Fulcrum

DIY UX Audit is just enough to conduct a brilliant, sharp revealing UX audit on your own. 

But if you’d better leave it to somebody ‘who has been there’ – it’s your call.

At Fulcrum we crack UX audits like nuts. We eat them for breakfast. We do them no sweat even in the middle of the night on a desert planet with no oxygen.

Well you get the point.

What does it include?

Analysis of behavioral patterns of your target audience
Extended audit using all the metrics from our checklist with real-life examples of how it should be done.
Wireframes showing how usability issues can be fixed
Quality Analytics audit
Hypothesis to be checked during usability testing
Analysis of hotline & tech support inquiries
Extended audit of all adaptive versions of your websites

What are the Deliverables?

Suuuuper detailed analysis of your website/ mobile app issues with problems and recommendations. Yes, it WILL boost your conversion rate if you implement the recommendations.

How to Get in Touch?

Send a quick message to hello@fulcrum.rocks.