Payroll, Benefits, HR, and Compliance - All in one place for US expansion
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2 months free of Justworks admin fees
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Justworks est un "PEO" (Professional Employer Organization). C'est une solution HR américaine tout en un pour gérer la paie, les avantages sociaux, les ressources humaines et la conformité.

Un "PEO" peut gérer des tâches administratives telles que :

  • Contractualiser avec les assurances obligatoires de vos collaborateurs.
  • Donner accès Ă  l'assurance maladie, les plans d'Ă©pargne-retraite et autres les avantages sociaux des employĂ©s
  • GĂ©rer la paie
  • DĂ©clarer vos charges sociales aux niveaux fĂ©dĂ©ral, Ă©tatique et local


2 mois gratuits (démarrage à $49 / mois / employé)

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Justworks is "PEO" (Professional Employer Organization). It's an all in one HR solution for payroll, benefits, HR, and compliance.

A PEO like Justworks can take over certain administrative tasks, like:

  • Securing mandated insurances like workers’ comp
  • Providing access to health insurance, retirement savings plans, and other employee benefits
  • Administering payroll
  • Withholding, reporting, and remitting federal, state, and local payroll taxes

Special deal

2 months free of Justworks admin fees (starts at $49 / mo / employee)

En savoir plus / Useful info & resources:

How Justworks is different from ADP?


  • Justworks' software is proprietary and offers a more simple and delightful experience to customers.
  • Justworks' support is 24/7 all located in NY


  • Justworks has no set-up costs or % of payroll fees
  • Justworks handles off-cycle payments, including with contractors and vendors and for expense reimbursements, at no additional cost

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